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In mid-2016, I received funding from Failbetter Games (Sunless Sea, Fallen London), to create a game of my own.


As a result, I am currently writing Big Mike Lunchtime’s Business Training ‘95, a text-based adventure with strong notes of comedy and existential horror, which is best described as "like Jumanji, but with businessmen".


The game is supposedly a piece of 1990s business training software that has been unearthed and made into an app for the sake of amusement. The twist: the software is haunted, and its cheesy corporate roleplay exercises soon mutate into a fairly dark choice-based narrative.


I've never worked on a game before, and have little tech experience, but Failbetter are big believers in storytelling over technology, and were willing to back me. The game should be out in early 2017, and I’ll put more information here as it develops.

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