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About Me

Nate Crowley is an author, interactive fiction consultant, videogames journalist and public speaker.


He lives in Walsall, but will sometimes show up in London if you shout his name into a bag full of bones.

He is represented by Jamie Cowen at the Ampersand Agency, who can be reached at @bigjcowen on Twitter or by email on


Nate has worked as a journalist, a publisher, a teacher and an aquarium guy. He has a degree which involved all sorts of stuff but basically ended up being about the history of natural history. In addition to writing, he is an enthusiastically crap illustrator, a decent voice artist and a recovering comedian.


He enjoys a good trip to the zoo, creating feasts, and staring into the wasteland behind his house. He loves to talk about beasts and SF and the sea, plus history and films and all kinds of nerd stuff. If you want to talk to him about any of that, he is @frogcroakley on Twitter.

Meat the Team

That Platypus
Cool Guy

That Platypus off the Logo is responsible for morale, enthusiasm and general cheer. He enjoys eating worms and crayfish, as well as skateboarding and creating burrows in the banks of rivers. He is a monotreme, and thus hatched from a egg even though he is a mammal.  

The Ears Man
Head of Chilling Tales

The Ears Man is cursed with a memory as sophisticated as his taste in wine. He has seen it all, and forgotten none of it. Having grown tired of the pursuit of wealth and power, he now craves experience for its own sake. Bit of an arsehole.

Chief Financial Officer

Once an ordinary man, this poor soul took on a terrible bargain when he accepted a haunted medal from a zoo gorilla. If he stays in debt he remains human - but should he venture even one pound into the black he transforms into GORILLIONAIRE, a spendthrift ape who flaunts his cash until debt - and humanity - returns.

The Soulrus
Head of Tunes

Life means little without music, and so the Soulrus spends every waking moment wailing on his guitar for all to hear. Don’t mistake his tears for sorrow; he’s having the time of his life.

Chief Big Muscly Arms Officer

Swooping low over a blasted world, a burger clutched in her talons, Muscowl brings justice and hope in equal measure. The desperate, sweaty sound of her arms flapping brings joy to the joyless, and fear to the fearless.

Head of Monstering

Gordon is a monster from the fathomless blackness of an alien sea. He loves romantic comedies, sudoku, and the slick sensation of rending cartilage with his beak.

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