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The Death and Life of Schneider Wrack

This was my first book, published by Rebellion in autumn 2017. It’s a story about dealing with despair, set in the most horrendous place I could imagine. There are monsters, gigantic ships, and some pretty savage fights, as well as a few glimpses into a much stranger universe. Also, the protagonist is dead - but don’t let that put you off. I’m as over zombie stories as you probably are, so I tried to do something a bit different here. TSHAC is a short read, and perfect for a long-haul flight or a relaxing boat holiday.


Until he wasn’t.

Convicted of a crime he’s almost completely sure he didn’t commit, executed, reanimated, then pressed into service aboard a vast trawler on the terrible world of Ocean, he was set to spend his afterlife working until his mindless corpse fell apart.

But now he’s woken up, trapped in a rotting body, arm-deep in the stinking meat and blubber of a sea monster, and he’s not happy. It’s time for the dead to rise up.

From the stench and brine of Ocean to the fetid jungle of Grand Amazon, Schneider’s career as a revolutionary won’t be easy.

But sometimes a zombie’s gotta do what a zombie’s gotta do.

100 Best Video Games (That Never Existed)

After rashly tweeting he would dream up an imaginary computer game for every 'like' received, Nate Crowley found himself on an epic quest to conjure up hundreds of entirely fictional titles. From 1980s hits like BeastEnders to modern classics like 90s Goth Soccer and BinCrab Destiny, this beautiful retrospective takes the reader on a lavish tour of the most memorable and groundbreaking games never made.
Brought to hilarious life by a team of genuine videogame industry concept artists and written by a professional over-imaginer, this book doesn't just throw out silly ideas - it expands on them in relentless, excruciating detail.

The Enemy Of My Enemy - Short Story In Inferno! 1

For a decade, the Astra Militarum have been stuck in grinding trench warfare against the alien orks. General Pyrrhus, commander of the ""Golden Eighth"" hates the world of Cavernum Tertius on which he is trapped. He hates the unmoving nature of the war. But most of all, he hates his opposing number, the ork warboss who has dubbed himself "General Taktikus". But that all changes when the tyranids arrive. With a common foe to fight, can Pyrrhus and Taktikus do the unthinkable and unite in an alliance that could save them both?

Empra - Short Story In Inferno! 3

In ‘Empra’, Nate Crowley depicts a feral tribe of humans that have been conscripted to manufacture parts to repair a damaged Imperial starship in orbit above their world. The story explores the nature of the tribe’s faith and how it differs from the typical Imperial beliefs – with some misunderstandings along the way…

Short Stories

Other Writing

Rock Paper Shotgun

Nate Crowley is the author of The 100 Best Video Games (That Never Existed), and does game narrative and world design for hire when he isn't writing books. He's on Twitter as @frogcroakley

His RPS profile can be found here

Daniel Barker's Birthday

On January 13th 2015, I decided to have some fun with my friend Daniel’s birthday. Over the next 75 days, things got very, very out of hand. The media got involved. It ended up with 100 strangers dressed as clowns going berserk in a pub basement. It was a strange story, and it’s all here:

The full story can be found here

It was also covered by Buzzfeed UK

Twitter Fiction

I like telling stories on twitter. Some of them are very silly, some are slightly less silly, and some are just a bit vulgar. In any case, here is a link to my storify page, where I gather together some of the things I’ve done:

My Twitter stories can be found here

Articles & Blog Posts

Sometimes I’m lucky enough to write articles for other people. Here’s a collection of some I’ve done:


On Twitter Fiction

How I Feel About Zombie Stories

On Writing About Whaling

On the History of Aquariams, and Why I'm Addicted to My Biggest Phobia



Realms of Fightinge

Realms of Fightinge is an animated series I wrote with my friend and long-time collaborator Josh Fortune. The show follows Colin, a deadbeat man who has somehow found a way to live inside ageing MMO game Realms of Fightinge. This isn’t too convenient for the game’s developers, who are about to release an expansion to prop up the game’s declining popularity. They’re desperate to stop Colin taking the limelight by being the first to beat the expansion - but Colin is equally determined to finally make a name for himself. With shoddy Gandalf impressions, titanic roosters, and a hapless squidman played by Warwick Davis, Realms of Fightinge is at once a love letter to MMOs, and a savage takedown.

The full series can be watched here

The Sauce Weakens

We were commissioned by App Developer Pixite to create a short animation using their software, that would gently tease the new Star Wars film.

Want me to write for you?

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